Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Google Duo Pushes Out Hangouts In Android OS Pre-Installed Apps

When Google launched Duo there two months ago, the message to the world was clear, Google is moving his attention from other messaging applications to the new Duo and messaging application Google AI-powered known as name allo .

Google Duo

Google Hangouts is the first to be expelled. In an email to every Android phone makers, Google Hangouts informed them that they would be replaced by Duo gaming applications that are delivered on the Android operating system.

To understand how this work, Google Mobile Services (GMS) is the place to go. When OEMs decide to use the Android operating system on their devices, they must sign a license agreement with Google through the SGM.

The agreement essentially means they want to do as Play Store applications on their devices, which should include other Google applications. These applications are delivered on the Android operating system.

That's why all Android phones that come pre-installed with Play Store also have other pre-installed Google Apps that are sometimes impossible to remove because they are system applications.

Google Hangouts lost out to Duo

Hangouts December 1 will no longer be part of these preinstalled applications. Duo takes place. Manufacturers may choose to include in their devices if Hangouts, however.
Google's initiative is likely to be the first step through Hangouts rest forever. Hangouts was launched three years ago with great promise. There was everything from messaging video calls. As for the features, which has more of them than Duo is strictly a video call applications for smartphones.

After trying Duo, I can say it is a fact that Duo is not bad as far as to call their other contacts Duo. But not offer anything special so you can make me change the likes of Skype.

Users of iOS devices'm sure no hurry to start using Duo instead of Facetime soon. Because, as I said above, Duo does not offer something attractive to go for what they are accustomed.

Duo app in action

Duo app in action

Google Allo other side could be the next big thing. Hello Google, Google uses its huge database of what you know about our online habits to create a great mobile assistant.
Allo is currently a trend that people are familiar with the novelty of having a conversation with a machine.

Why not replace Google Hangouts with Allo as it seems to do so?

I guess there is a hierarchy of how applications are promoted by Google. A system based on the application being launched. A sort of first come, first served. And since Duo was launched before Allo, Allo is only being promoted to Google mobile services before Allo.

On the other hand, it could be because Duo need much help to become what Google wants it. After the initial euphoria that accompanied the launch of Duo Duo downloads have minimized. People returned to what worked for them.

Android apps

Allo, on the other hand it seems to do very well. While it is too early to make a judgment on how Allo is contagious. But the vibrations seem to be in favor of Allo.

Google must be prepared to play the game time here and be patient with Duo. Although from December pre-installed all new Android smartphones Duo, there is no guarantee people use the application. It would be useful however.

How long would the world have to wait before they also pre-installed on Android app Allo? And Google application you will give way to believe Hello?

Time would reveal everything.

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