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Meet Google Duo, New Video Calling App for Android and iOS

Google Duo, Web and communications application just announced in Google I / O on May 18, 2016, to send by mail sides Allo application is now official. For many, video call may not sound like something new. Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger as has satisfied all the needs of video call with your friends and loved once again not to mention the video call feature and call early WhatsApp Facebook group that is gaining in importance.

Duo has its strength as a simple video application 1-on-1 call is available for Android and IOS removes the complexity of the video call so they can be together at the time, anywhere. And this is what distinguishes it from all other applications of video calling. Let me take you into the world of Duo.

Meet Google Duo Video Calling App

There are several interesting features that deserve to be highlighted in the video calling Google App Duo and have listed below.

Sign-up; Just Your Phone Number

Unlike most Google applications, you must register with a Google Gmail account. But not with Google Duo application. With a simple interface, the duo has made a niche for itself by adopting the complexity of the video call, so they can be together at the time, anywhere.

Duo allows you to register with only their phone number. Once installed, you will receive an SMS verification code to make sure it is actually you who is signing. However, you can not use two phones at the same time to make or receive video calls Duo. Every time you open a feedback session on another phone, you need to double check, as it does in WhatsApp. It really feels as if it had been designed for a mobile phone at a time.

Designed For Android and iOS Users Only

Duo allows for video calling across Android and iOS.

Although a multiplatform application, which is only available for Android and iOS devices. In fact, these are the most widely used mobile operating systems. So BB10, Windows, OS X users, or Chrome OS can not have a taste of the new application for video calls Google, Duo.

Preview Call with Knock Knock Before You Pick

Preview caller with Knock Knock

Another unique feature of the Duo is the knock knock. This gives an overview video of the caller before you can really see. If you are making the call, you receive a notice that says that the video is visible and that means that everything you do can be seen by the recipient, so do not try to pick your nose before picking!

If you're on Android, you can see even calling on the lock screen. iOS does not give developers access to the lock screen that way, but if you have your phone unlocked and ready application, you will see the caller before deciding to answer.

You can disable Knock Knock

Before you panic about seeing what is not for your eyes to an incoming call, note that this feature only works with people in your contact list, so random strangers can not blink. And, of course, you can be disabled in the configuration Duo if you prefer. You can not disable Knock Knock on a person based person, however, it is Knock Knock or nothing.

Duo is a video called App

High-quality video

It is not for texting. Google Duo offers a built-in video calling experience while using good WiFi or 3G / 4G connection. Even if the network becomes very bad and drops to 2G during a video call, the application falls to an audio call. Basically, there is no "make an audio call" and it's that simple!

Its interface is super simple

Duo has an incredibly easy to use and intuitive interface. Before starting a call, you will see icons to start a video call and recent contacts (sorry, there's just no audio option). During a call, you will see yourself (in a small small circle), and icons to set audio mute, switch camera and hang up. Video of the other line fills your screen and above all. If you prefer to have your camera full screen (for example, they are touring a home for the person on the other line), just press the circle and scale preview of sight.

The calls are encrypted end to end

Duo is based on Web Communication (WebRTC) technology, a standard that allows file transfer voice, video and P2P without plugins or additional software real time. Like WhatsApp, video chats are encrypted from end to end, so you do not have to worry about anyone (including Google!) You spy. And if the government (or any other) asked Google for data, you can not decipher the content of the calls.

Duo is designed for phones, not tablets

Officially, Google Duo is the application is only compatible with phones. If you download directly from Play Store on your device, you will be asked which is not compatible with the tablet. However, you can use the quota Xender or download it here and that will work well in the installation.

On the iPad, you can find in the store if the switch is activated to display iPhone applications, and be installed and function. But it is not optimized for the iPad; It works in "iPhone app blown-up".\

You can block spam video call

He has an ex-boyfriend who keeps calling to see if you still changed your mind about it? You can easily block inside Duo panel control. When you block someone in Duo, the person will not know. When they call, they only hear sounds his line and continuously ringing.

Final word

Duo basically bridges the gap between iOS and Android, gives end encryption, and is easy to use, no registration problems gmail. Check Google Play and iTunes Store to pre-register. The question now is, can Google video calling application Duo replace other video applications calling? You want to go FaceTime, Hangouts, Skype, etc Duo?

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