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What to consider before buying a PC

what to consider before buying a PC

Technology is fast growing and things are changing. Old gadgets are gradually been replaced by new ones. The PC that was in vogue in the early ‘90s is no longer in vogue and because of the nature of things or the work you do, you might be considering buying a PC or changing your old one.

Buying a PC takes more than walking into a shop or ordering for one online. There are some factors to be taken into consideration before buying a PC, even the Bible teaches us to sit down and count the cost before carrying out a project or plan. In other words, one should consider some things before executing your plan.

In the case of wanting to buy a PC, the same thing applies: consider some factors like the type of PC you want, the battery life, the processor and money factor. It is important to consider these things so you won't end up buying a PC you don't know how to use or a PC that's faulty and cannot serve you well.

Let's see some of the factors to consider:

OS (Operating System)

There are different types of PC in the market with different Operating systems and these operating systems are designed to meet specific needs so depending on what you need a PC for, you will need to make a choice on OS type.

The common OS types are Windows and Mac. There are others like Linux. Windows Operating system is owned by Microsoft and has about 1 billion users. It was first released in 1985 as Windows 1.0. Over the years, Microsoft Windows has grown so large that you could find a Windows PC in almost every home.

On the other hand, Mac which is owned by Apple was first released in 1984 and has about 100 million users. Windows seems to have more users than Mac and personally, I prefer a Windows based PC to a Mac PC because of its friendly and easy to use features.

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The ball is now in your court, ensure you make the right choice by selecting the OS that meets your needs.

Screen Size

This is another factor to consider. Do you want a laptop with a small screen size of a larger screen? An answer to that question will determine your final decision. In screen size, there are mini laptops (usually within the size of 10-12), notebook PCs and medium sized laptops (usually within the size of 14-15.6) and the larger PCs (usually within the size of 17-20).

The size you choose should depend on what you want it for. If for example, you go about with your PC you should know that a smaller size would be the best option since a larger size won’t be easy to carry about.


This is the heartbeat of a PC. A PC might have a smart and pretty design but if the processor is nothing to write home about, don't call it a PC. There are different types of Processors, some are high and some are low. Presently, the best type of processors to select from are Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 which are classified as the 7th generation.

intel core i-series processors

Among these three processors, the Core i5 and Core i7 are higher and when selecting, check for the 7U series (for example Intel® Core™ i5-7200U or Intel® Core™ i7-7500U) they function better. However the Core i3 is also very good, you can go for it if you can't afford the Core i5 and Core i7.

Graphics should also be considered. Gamers will understand this better because some games won't run on your PC if it does not support your PC graphics card.

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It's not only gamers that need to take graphics card into consideration. The function of a graphics card is to improve the quality of the graphics when watching a video or playing a game so everyone actually needs to put that in consideration but only serious gamers can go extra miles. Examples of good graphics processors are NVIDIA® GeForce® 940MX and Intel® HD Graphics 620.


I keep saying a PC with a bad battery is good as dead and you're not different from someone with a desktop computer. The battery is the life of a PC and if you happen to live in a place where there’s consistent power failure, only a good battery will make you enjoy your PC.

Battery varies but a good battery should last for at least four hours after a full charge and an average lifespan of four to six years. There are other batteries that last for six to eight hours after a full charge so when next you want to get a PC, check to be sure you're buying a PC with a good battery.

Money Factor

This is the overall factor to consider. Without this factor, all other factors are useless because the amount of money with you determines the quality of the PC you can buy so before you think of buying a PC, ensure you have what it takes to get one.

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