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How to Save a Web Page as PDF

How to Save a Web page as PDF

A web page consists of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which can only be accessed by a web browser. Not only do you need a web browser to access it, you also need internet connection except you save it for offline use. The limitation of this is that when you save a web page for offline use on a PC, you can't access it on a mobile phone. This is because whenever you save a web page, multiple files and folders are saved together with it and you need those files and folders to view the page correctly whenever you need it.

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You might have come across an interesting webpage that you would need for a later use. But what happens when you run out of data or switch devices? The good news is that you can save a web page in PDF format and a PDF file can be accessed on both PC and Mobile devices. With few easy steps, you can save a web page and access it anytime on any device but take note that your device must be able to view PDF files. You will need an app for that, there are PDF apps both for PC and Mobile devices. Adobe Reader is very good and has versions for PC and Mobile devices. It's free and can be downloaded from the Web or PlayStore.

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To save a web page as PDF, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the web page you would like to save

Step 2: Click on Options/menu and click on Print or simply press simultaneously Ctrl + P on your keyboard

Step 3: On the destination options or Printer Name, select save as PDF. If you didn't see 'save as PDF', check for Microsoft print to PDF

Step 4: Set other options like orientation, number of pages and paper size the way you want

Step 5: Click on Save or OK

Step 6: To locate the file you just saved, open File Explorer>>Libraries>>Documents and the file is just right there.

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You can also save a webpage as PDF with your Android phone but only with Chrome browser. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the web page you would like to save

Step 2: Tap options

Step 3: Tap Share

Step 4: Select Print. If you didn't see Print, check for Cloud Print

Step 5: From the Print options, select Save as PDF

Step 6: Set the paper size and number of copies you like

Step 7: Tap the PDF icon at the top of the preview page

Step 8: Select the folder you would like to save the file to and tap on SAVE

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