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A very big welcome to Mytechng we are seriously here to help you with full Authenticity and we are always active.
Please feel free to call or email us with any of the contact below suiting your preference and please you should keep to moral standard when speaking or addressing any issue.  Please we appreciate our visitors and we will always be your friends.

You can contact us on Facebook, twitter, via email or phone. The First Phone number is our whatsapp contact

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PHONE      --  +23408108950168


Please, DO NOT call us during late hours and If we don't pick your call, please DROP A TEXT MESSAGE.

Please be advised that you will be best served by email because some questions can only be answered by email.  Hence, I will prefer you send me an email, if you want to ask questions.

God Bless you.... Cheers!!

You can use the comment form below to contact me too.

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