Best 1GB Offline Games to Download for Android (2022)

Best 1GB Offline Games

When it comes to playing games on Android, most people prefer games that are offline and not just petty games, I mean good games with nice graphics and aren’t more than 1GB in size. Well those types of games are widely available in Google Play Store and as a game lover, I’ve been able to find some of these games and I’ll be listing them out here on MyTechNg.

If you’re looking for the Best 1GB Offline Games for Android, I’ll tell you you’re in the right spot. I’ll be making a compilation of Android games that are 1GB in Size and also under 1GB and these games can be played completely offline, you won’t have to worry about being connected to the internet before you play these games on your Android device.

These games are not compressed and it’s not similar to the Best PSP Games Under 200MB. But their actual file size isn’t up to 1GB and some are exactly 1GB, these 1GB Offline Games can be downloaded for free.

List of The Best 1GB Offline Games to Download for Android

If you want to download any of the listed games, you can download them easily and directly via the app button displayed below, you only need to click it and it’ll take you directly to Google Play Store where it can be downloaded and installed on your Android device.

1. Hitman Sniper

Best 1GB Offline Games

The first game on the list is Hitman Sniper and it’s a stealth tactical sniper game on Android, this game has quality graphics and most missions you’ll play will be to carry out assassinations. There are different game modes on Hitman Sniper and with over 150+ different missions, this is the perfect 1GB Offline Android game you’ll love to play on your device.

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There are different guns you can unlock in this game, while it’s an offline game, you can also play Hitman Sniper with friends and it brings more fun and competition. Overall, Hitman Sniper is a nice game you can play on your Android device, it’s offline and it’s a 1GB offline game for Android users.

2.  Return To Planet X

Return To Planet X APK OBB

Return to Planet X is another cool game I’ll like to mention, this game is a single-player game and it’s a game where you have to get rid of aliens while you’re on a journey to a secret military base that is located on a distant planet. This game is offline and it’s very addictive, there are plenty of features in the game and the control is quite adaptive and very easy to master.

Return to Planet X has smooth and quality graphics, you’ll find laser guns, grenades, machine guns, flamethrowers and explosives in this game, there are plenty of missions to play as well. It’s one of the Best 1GB Offline Games you can download on your Android device, you can also play this game with a gamepad because it supports it.

3. The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us APK OBB

The Wolf Among Us is a comic book game on Android, this game does make sense and it’s a game you’d expect fewer actions but quite addictive to play. It’s an offline game on Android and it has cool graphics, The Wolf Among Us has a comic book that tells exactly the same story in the game, but playing the game makes more sense because it’s almost the same.

To play The Wolf Among Us on your Android device, you’ll need to make sure you have at least 1GB of storage space on your device, it’s an offline game on Android and it’s one of the best offline Android games out there. You can download The Wolf Among Us via the download button below, it’s a 1GB game you’ll enjoy playing on your Android device.

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The Wolf Among Us
The Wolf Among Us
Developer: Telltale
Price: Free

4. Cover Fire: Offline Shooting (Best 1GB Offline Games)

Best 1GB Offline Games

Cover Fire is an offline shooting game on Android and it’s one of the best out there, this game is a classic 3D shooting game and it has quality graphics, lots of features and different game modes. Cover Fire is a first-person shooter game and it’s very realistic and also addictive, this game isn’t even up to 1GB if you want to download it on your Android device but in-game files will increase the file size on your device.

There are over 50 different chapters in this game and one of the cool features is that you can customize your guns, you can upgrade weapons and also unlock different modern weapons. Cover Fire can be played offline and online and its controls are very easy to master, the game works well even on low-end smartphones.

5. Gangs Town Story

Best 1GB Offline Games

Gangs Town Story is one of the best games like GTA on Android, it’s an offline game and it’s quite addictive. This game has similar features to GTA games and you can ride different cars, you can take on missions and you can move to cities like Las Vegas, New Orleans, Los Angeles or Chicago.

This game is offline and it features racing, shooting, gang crimes and so on. The graphics are cool and you can also engage in gang battles and also face off against the police. It’s a nice offline Android game and it’s under 1GB.


Gangs Town Story
Gangs Town Story
Developer: Avega Games
Price: Free
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6. War Tortoise – Idle Shooter

War Tortoise - Idle Shooter APK OBB

War Tortoise is a defence strategy game on Android and it’s one of the best games out there, in this game, you’ll build towers and defend them against enemies. You can equip weapons and also recruit troops to fight for you. This game is a 3D game and it has nice graphics, you can perform different upgrades and it has over 8 different worlds on which you can build your towers.

War Tortoise is just 900MB and it’s an offline game, you can play this game on your Android device without using an internet connection, it’s one of the Best 1GB Offline Games and it has many features, and tons of units, upgrades and even defences to discover.

War Tortoise - Idle Shooter
War Tortoise - Idle Shooter

7. Project RIP Mobile

Project RIP Mobile APK OBB

Another game to look out for is Project RIP Mobile and it’s another game that is around 1GB and also features offline gameplay. This game is a zombie shooter game and it has plenty of features, it’s realistic and has quality graphics, you can play over 5 different difficulty levels and it has nice sound and music effects as well. Project RIP Mobile makes sense and there’s plenty to play for in this game.

Project RIP Mobile is one of the Best 1GB Offline Games on Android, you can download the game via the link below. You can enjoy a different level of zombie shooter game on PRM, it’s a very nice game.

Project RIP Mobile - Free Horr
Project RIP Mobile - Free Horr

Conclusion (Best 1GB Offline Games)

These are the Best 1GB Offline Games you can download on your Android device and these games have cool features and are also addictive. More games will be added soon, so stay tuned and make sure you always check back for more games like the ones listed above.

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