8 Best PDF Reader Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) in 2022

best PDF reader apps for iOS

The best PDF reader apps for iOS are apps that’ll let us read and edit PDF documents easily on our iPhone or iPad device. If you’ve been searching for a  good PDF reader app for a while now, you’ll definitely find the best that are listed in this article.

We’ve seen the best PDF reader Apps for Android and iOS that work well, there are quite different ones too that are just meant to be used on iPhones and iPads online. So if you’ve been on the search for one, you’ll find them here on MyTechNg.

PDF documents can be bulky at times and while PDF readers don’t stand a chance to handle compression, you might want to consider the Best PDF Compression Apps to execute PDF compression tasks for you.

List of the Best PDF Reader Apps for iPhone and iPad

To handle PDFs on iOS, one would need a good PDF reader, and that’s why the best PDF reader apps for iOS have been highlighted below. Most of these apps can be downloaded for free on Apple Store or any other Apple Store alternatives like Panda Helper or AppValley.

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

best PDF reader apps for iOS

Adobe Acrobat has been around since before iPhones, iPads, and even Apple itself existed. It’s a solid app that is capable of quickly converting documents to various formats, allowing you to view them wherever you go. Although it isn’t ideal for editing documents, if you want to read PDF files easily on your iPhone or iPad, it is well recommended.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the best PDF reader apps for iOS and it works perfectly for both iPhone and iPad users, it offers a quick way for reading PDFs and also offers top-notch sharing capabilities.

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‎Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF
‎Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF

2. PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro

You could have downloaded quite a few PDF apps to your iPhone just to see if they were any good but they turn out to be what you don’t need. Pdf Reader Pro is a very good app to view your pdf file on your iOS device, the app doesn’t take much space, and the most feature that gives the app an edge over other apps is that it allows you to annotate your pdf file and share to other people right from the app. The app is amazing and undoubtedly one of the best out there.

 3. Foxit PDF Reader

best PDF reader apps for iOS

Foxit PDF Reader is one of the Best PDF Reader Apps for iOS and one of Foxit’s biggest strengths is that it doesn’t eat up too much space on your iPhone or iPad. It also works very quickly, so you can get back to reading as quickly as possible. Finally, its highlights feature makes it a useful tool for note-taking. While not a deal breaker, Foxit is quite as robust as some of its competitors.

When it comes to editing as well, Foxit PDF Reader leads the way as a very good PDF editor, it’s a nice app for handling PDF and getting the best from this app comes from the premium version of it, you can consider upgrading if you love the work it does.

‎Foxit PDF Editor
‎Foxit PDF Editor
Developer: Foxit Corporation
Price: Free+

4. PDF Expert

best PDF reader apps for iOS

If you want to experience the best pdf reader on an iOS device then PDF Expert is your perfect fit, it is one of the Best PDF Reader Apps for iOS, and the app has both standard and Expert Mode which allows you to read annotations on PDFs.

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You can also annotate your own notes on files, share documents through mail or cloud storage, and access them from iCloud or Dropbox. It will also sync up with Mac computers. The free version gets you three files of any size each month; if you want unlimited documents, it’s $14.99 per year.

5. Xodo PDF Reader

Xodo PDF Reader

Xodo is a great all-in-one solution for reading, managing and signing PDFs that’s accessible from Mac, Windows, Android or iOS devices. Xodo is a much simpler alternative and among the other PDF reader apps for iOS to other third-party solutions.

If you just need to sign a form or look at an agreement on your tablet while you’re away from your computer, Xodo will do the job without fuss. Plus it’s free with no ads. Even if you have paid apps to view documents on your device, Xodo should be one of your favourites thanks to its ease of use, convenience features and light storage footprint.

6. PDFelement


Another app you can use to read PDF files on your iOS device is PDFelement and It’s very easy to use because it has a very intuitive user interface. It supports all common file formats including .pdf, .docx, .doc, .odt and many others.

The best feature that you will love about it is how you can easily highlight a word or phrase with just one click of your finger on your iPhone. This app will make you forget you have a PC because it provides most of the PC features of a PDF reader and that’ll make editing PDF documents easier for you.

7. WPS Office

best PDF reader apps for iOS

WPS Office is one of the best office apps you can use to view, create or edit Pdf, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote files, which makes it one of the best free document viewers, It supports viewing over 300 file formats and edit over 50 file formats.

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The app also comes with a built-in editor that allows you to make simple changes to documents like adding images etc. You can use it as your default PDF viewer app without any fuss on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The best part about WPS office is that it doesn’t require an internet connection to view/edit files so you don’t have to worry about data charges if you are using mobile data connection for internet access on your devices.

8. GoodReader


GoodReader is one of the Best PDF Reader Apps for iOS and a great way to read PDFs on an iPhone, but it has one glaring issue, it’s a premium app and has a free, there are ads on the free version. While they’re not intrusive or bothersome, it can be annoying that you have to watch a video to remove them.

GoodReader is one of the best PDF reader apps for iOS and just like every app that has been listed above it, you can use GoodReader to read not just PDF files but other document files.


For reading PDF files on iOS devices like iPhones and iPad, these are the best PDF reader apps you might consider using. You can download them for free, you can use them for free and if you want to edit PDF files on some of them, you might consider buying for that feature because most of them are limited unless upgraded.

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