How To Compress 1GB Video To 10MB Online for Free (2022)

Compress 1GB Video To 10MB

Imagine being unable to send a video file to someone because the file size is bigger and it takes more internet data, or let’s say the place you want to upload the video can only accept a video not less than 50MB. Well, it’s quite annoying but there’s a solution to that, and while it’s possible to Compress PDF to 100KB, you can do that to videos as well.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you need to compress a video file and you don’t have the software or app installed on your PC or smartphone, you can easily do that online and I’ll be showing you how to Compress 1GB Video to 10MB here on MyTechNg.

When you compress files, sometimes they can go through a process that’ll see a decrease in the file size and depending on the type of file you’re compressing, there can be a loss in quality especially if it’s video or music files. But don’t worry, you can compress your 1GB Video to match the exact file size and video quality that you want.

How To Compress 1GB Video To 10MB Online for Free

There are plenty of online tools you can use for this process, they all offer different options when it comes to compressing videos online, and I’ll use one of the websites as an example then I’ll give you alternative ones that you can use just in case the one used in the tutorial doesn’t really work out well on the video you want to compress online.

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How To Use VEED.IO To Compress 1GB Video to 50MB or Less

VEED.IO is an online tool that’ll let you compress files online without using software, this online tool has a lot of features and one thing I love about it is that you can compress PDF files with it, you can also edit videos via its online video editor. You can do a lot with VEED.IO and some of the online tools you can use on VEED.IO are listed below.

  • Screen Recorder
  • Webcam Recorder
  • Skit Maker
  • Remove Background Noise
  • Video To Text
  • Video Converter
  • Video Compressor
  • Youtube Cutter

You can check for more online tools on the VEED.IO website, you can use some of these tools for free and you don’t need to download the software on your PC. All you need to do is use your web browser, it can be your PC or mobile phone.

Steps To Compress Videos Online With VEED.IO

Follow the steps below to know how to use VEED.IO to compress any video from a huge file size to lesser file size. The steps are straightforward and very easy to understand.

Step 1: To get started, you’ll need to visit the official video compression page on VEED.IO, you can copy this link ( and paste it onto your web browser tab.

Step 2: Click on the part that says Choose Video, then when you’ve arrived on the next page, click on Upload A File and select the video you want to compress (you can select videos from your phone and computer) then wait for the video to upload from 0% to 100%.

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Step 3: Once the video has been uploaded successfully, you’ll see the details and the file size of the video while it hasn’t been compressed. You can use the video editor option that is available to edit the video before running the compression.

Compress 1GB Video To 10MB

Step 4: On the compression page, under Compression Options select Smaller File (reduces video file size) then change the Resolution to the smallest Resolution available, you can select something higher but not too high.

Compress 1GB Video To 10MB

Step 5: After selecting the compression option and resolution, you can now click on the Compress Video Button, then wait for the compression to take place. Once done, you’ve successfully Compress 1GB Video to 10MB Online, you can now download the video on your phone or computer.


With the provided tutorial on how to Compress 1GB Video to 10MB Online, hopefully, you can compress any video you want online without using software on your phone or computer. VEED.IO is one of the best online tools to Compress 1GB Video To 10MB Online for free and it has other cool functions as well. Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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