How To Reduce PNG File Size Online (Compress PNG Online) in 2022

Reduce PNG File Size

When processing images, you’ll definitely come across different image formats and so far one of the few image formats that are very popular are JPEG, PNG, JFIF, WEBP, GIFs and so on. They’re all good and they have different sizes and qualities, but talking about size, PNG always seem to take more size when used as an image format.

PNG offers more quality on images but the size of a PNG image is always too much. Well it can be compressed and in this article you’re reading on MyTechNg, I’ll be showing you how to Reduce PNG File Size Online.

You might want to send a couple of images to someone, let’s say maybe on WhatApp or even Facebook and you realize the PNG image is way bigger than what you’re expecting, well you can Compress PNG Online and I’ll show you how to do that.

Why Does PNG File Take Up So Much Space?

You might be wondering why PNG files are always consuming much space especially when you have multiple pictures in PNG format. Well, that’s because PNG has a lossless compression that makes it create a bigger file size, it retains much more information than most image formats. Similarly to PDF files that are always huge, you can read one of our articles on how to Compres PDF to 100KB online.

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How To Reduce PNG File Size Online (Compress PNG Online)

If you want to Reduce PNG File Size Online, there are plenty of online compression tools you can use and I’ll be using one of the known online compression tools to Compress PNG Online. Sometimes it’s needed to compress files before sending them out because it’ll help both the sender and receiver reduce internet data costs.

Compress PNG Online With I Love IMG

I Love IMG is an online tool that focuses on images and it’s a very popular website out there. This website makes it easy for anyone to edit their pictures online without using any app and it also offers compression tools that’ll let you reduce the file size of any image you want, and it’s completely free with no charges or payments applied.

You can use IloveIMG to generate memes, you can edit photos via its photo editor page, you can create HTML Images, Watermark Image, Convert JPG and so on. And this is the perfect website we’re going to use and Reduce PNG File Size Online.

Steps To Reduce PNG File Size With I Love IMG

If you want to know how you can use ILoveIMG website to Reduce PNG File Size Online on your Android or PC, then follow the following steps below and make sure you don’t miss out on any of the written steps.

Step 1: Visit ILoveIMG Website

The first thing you need to do is visit the ILoveIMG official website, then you’ll need to go to the PNG compression page. But to make things easier, you can navigate to the compression page directly via this link (

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Step 2: Choose Image

Once you’re on the page, you’ll need to select the PNG file you want to compress, you can upload the image directly from your device storage or you use the option that supports Google Drive and Dropbox. Anyway the suits you better actually.

Step 3: Compress PNG File

After uploading the PNG file, you can now click on the Compress button and wait for the PNG File size to be reduced, then you can download the Compressed PNG File or you can save it to Google Drive, Dropbox or you share the link to another page or someone.

Reduce PNG File Size

Conclusion (Reduce PNG File Size)

For compressing PNG online, this is the perfect method you can use to Reduce PNG File Size and it works perfectly. Don’t forget to share this article and also leave a comment below.

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