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All Oraimo Power bank 10000mah Price in Nigeria in 2022

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Oraimo Power Bank 10000mAh is arguably one of the best and most affordable power banks you can buy in Nigeria, and while they aren’t too many of these power banks out there online in Nigeria, you can still get your hands on the available ones.

If you’re on the hunt for any 10000mAh Oraimo power bank and you’ll like to know more about its price, then you’re in the right spot to get the information you need. In today’s article on MyTechNg, I’ll be listing the Oraimo Power Bank 10000mAh price in Nigeria.

With an Oraimo 10000mAh power bank in your pocket, your gadgets and mobile phone should never run out of power. These power banks are very strong and powerful and they’re also affordable. You can check out some of these Oraimo Power Bank 10000mAh price here in Nigeria.

List of Oraimo Power Bank 10000mAh Price in Nigeria

So far there are about 5 different 10000mah power banks from Oraimo and they have different prices and designs but these power banks are so strong and very durable. So if you’re looking for something to keep you online and not offline when you’re not close to a power source, then one of the power banks here is okay for you.

1. Oraimo Compact 10000mAh

Oraimo Compact Power Bank

The first power bank on this list is the Oraimo Compact Power Bank that is fitted with exactly 10000mah battery capacity, it’s very strong and provides backup for smartphones like iPhones and Android devices. This power bank is very slim and it’s not heavy when being carried and of course, it’s one of the cheapest power banks from Oraimo with a 10Kmah battery capacity.

The Oraimo Compact 10000mAh can charge a device with 3000mah three times and it also provides a fast charging feature. This power bank is equipped with a Lithium battery and it has two USB ports for two devices to use at once. The Oraimo Compact 10000mAh Power Bank price is ₦4,800 and you can buy it anywhere online or at the Oraimo official store.

2. Oraimo Slice 10000mAh Ultra Slim

Oraimo Slice 10000mAh Ultra Slim

Oraimo Slice Ultra Slim Power Bank is another cheap and affordable power bank you can buy from Oraimo and one of the good things about this power bank is that it’s also slim and it can fast charge any device you plug into it. It also has a lithium battery and it can charge any device up to 2-3 times, it’s sleek in design and it’s worth every penny paid for.

The Oraimo Slice power bank is priced at ₦5,800 from the official Oraimo website, but you can still buy this power bank at the same price on any online shopping website. The power bank is strong and it’s one of the best power banks out there in Nigeria.

3. Oraimo Toast 10 Byte (Oraimo Power Bank 10000mAh)

Oraimo Toast 10 Byte 10000mAh

Oraimo Toast 10 Byte is quite different from the rest of the 10000mAh you’ll find on the Oraimo store, and it’s not different in terms of battery capacity but in terms of design. This power bank has a different design and also a LED indicator that’ll let you see the battery percentage when it’s being charged and when it’s being used.

With a 10000mAh Lithium Battery, you can charge your devices up to 3 times while having a little reserved battery for smaller devices like Earbuds and Airpods. Its input is a Type-C charger and it has 2 different USB ports for two devices to be connected at once. The Oraimo Toast 10 Byte power bank is sold for ₦6,800 online and it’s relatively cheap.

4. Oraimo Toast 10 PD Pro

Oraimo Power Bank 10000mAh

Oraimo Toast 10 PD Pro is also a 10000mAh power bank but it’s come with the latest charging technology and this makes it charge phones and any devices fast. This power bank has a great design and it’s one of the portable power banks you can buy out there. It charges any phone up to 3 times and it is a bit thinner compared to other 10KmAh power banks from Oraimo.

The Oraimo Toast 10 PD pro is quite cheap though and even tho it is 10000mAh, I can bet it’s still stronger than some 20,000mAh power banks out there. You can get this power bank for as low as ₦7,200 in Nigeria.

5. Oraimo Toast 10 PD

Oraimo Power Bank 10000mAh

Oraimo Toast 10 PD is the most expensive 10000mAh power bank from Oraimo and it’s similar to the one listed above. This power is quite slimmer than any Oraimo power bank and it’s also a fast-charging power bank. It can charge two devices at once and it also has an indicator that’ll tell you the battery capacity.

Oraimo Toast 10 PD is sold for ₦8,200 and you can buy it anywhere online. This power bank is one of the best out there and you can use it to charge any Android or iOS device and it doesn’t get heated up when being used.

Conclusion (Oraimo Power Bank 10000mAh)

These are the Oraimo Power Banks you’ll find with 10,000mAh battery capacity and they’re very cheap, their prices are different and they all have different designs and also a slight difference in features. Don’t forget to share this article and also leave a comment below.

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