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How To Compress MP4 Video Online for Free in 2022

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MP4 format is one of the most popular and most used video and audio formats in the world, and you’ll find most of the videos we download online to be in MP4 format. While MP4 videos sometimes don’t carry too much file size, you can still always come across an MP4 video with more than 1GB file size and you might want to be in a situation whereby you’ll need to compress the video before you can send or upload it online.

In today’s article on MyTechNg, you’ll learn how to Compress MP4 Video Online for free without using any software, compressing videos has been quite easy these days and thanks to online compression tools, one can easily compress any files or videos that we want.

I’ve written some articles on compression on this blog and if you’re looking for a way to Compress WhatsApp Videos Online, you’ll surely find it here as well. Compressing videos does require using software on a PC but that has changed a bit and now people can compress videos or files on their phones via their web browsers.

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How To Compress MP4 Video Online for Free

To change a video from its current state to another one is pretty easy and with the help of a website I’ll be talking about below, you’ll find it very easy to compress videos directly via your web browser. You can also use this website to try out another form of compression and you can do all that for free without making any payments or downloading any software.

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About XConvert Online Compressor

XConvert is an online compression tool that makes it possible for anyone to convert media files like Videos, Pictures and so on. You can use this tool directly from your web browser and one of the reasons why it’s one of the best is the fact that it gives plenty of compression tools for free.

With XConvert, you can Compress MP4 Video Online. It’s also very good for compressing image formats like JPEG compressor and you can also use it to compress videos and also merge images with PDF. It has all these features for free and you only need to use your web browser if you want to access the website.

How To Compress MP4 Video Online With XConvert

To get started with compression videos on XConvert, especially if the video you want to convert is an MP4 video file, make sure you follow the steps below if you want to know how to Compress MP4 Video Online with XConvert online compression tool.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is go to the XConvert online compression page, you can do that by copying and pasting this link ( in your browser tab and wait for the page to load.

Step 2: Once the page has loaded fully, click on Add Files, you can upload videos from your device storage or use Dropbox and Google Drive. You can use any of the available options to add the MP4 video you want to compress online.

Step 3: After uploading the video, you can change the video properties i.e Video File Size, Video Resolution and also the Video Codec. Once you’ve changed all that, click on Compress and wait for the video to compress before you can download it on your device or upload it to Google Drive and Dropbox.

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For an easy way to Compress Mp4 Video Online, XConvert is the perfect tool you can use and it’s one of the easiest methods to Compress MP4 Video Online for free. Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you don’t know how to use the website.

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