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RozDhan App Review: How To Make Money On RozDhan for Android

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Making money is quite easy these days on Android and we’ve seen people make money on their Android devices. In today’s article on MytechNg, you’ll learn how to Make Money On RozDhan app and if you’re living in India and you want to make cool cash, this article is for you. Due to the fact that cell phones have become a necessity in our lives, everyone was using them to make quick money, I will write about the Google Play Store’s RozDhan App Review.

Today we use smartphones for practically everything, including sending messages, making calls, and other tasks and we also know that smartphones were created to be used for activities like internet browsing, watching videos, and killing time with games.

Smartphones are now, however, regarded as one of the online marketing media and many businesses have started embracing smartphone functionalities, you can utilize your smartphone as an end-user to amuse yourself and make extra money. Let’s go through the article on the “Rozdhan” app for smartphones, which enables users to earn money.

What are the Best Ways to Make Money Online?

Everyone requires money to cover daily expenses, hence money is one of the essential factors for everyone. There are only two methods to make money: applying for jobs and starting your own businesses. Out of the whole population, more than 60% of individuals were employed by a third party. The remaining 40% of people were engaged in some form of business to make a living, yet they were living a standard lifestyle.

Download and Install the APP. Register to Earn Rs.50 instantly.

People began using the Internet to make money once its technology underwent rigorous development, everyone has access to a wide variety of internet options to make money online. Some people work from home doing online tasks including data entry, content writing, blogging, and other jobs, making money via smartphones is another possible way and there are money-making apps like RozDhan app to help out.

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One of the top Android apps to make money is RozDhan and here’s a perfect topic on the RozDhan App Review. All details are going to be explained in this article.

About RozDhan App

The RozDhan Company offered services all over India and was based in India, an Android app bearing the “RozDhan” brand has just been released by the RozDhan firm. One of the well-known apps to make money using a smartphone and accessible through the Google Play Store is RozDhan.

This Android app was created to amuse users by keeping them updated on the most recent events and happenings in our community, this mobile app offers users the chance to make money by performing little jobs in addition to providing entertainment, RozDhan is one of the well-known money-making apps that are available online among the many others.

Features of RozDhan App

Let’s look at the key features as part of the RozDhan App Review to comprehend the importance of this app. The main function of this program is the ability for anyone, even a complete novice, to quickly earn money by performing activities, anyone, even those without technical knowledge, can install this application and generate some extra cash. Yes, the designers want everyone to make some quick cash, thus they work on the mission of “Money Making Made Easy.”

By installing the app, playing games, watching and sharing movies, and other activities, anyone may therefore make money with this Android application, this smartphone App’s standout feature is that you can increase your income by referring friends and other people. You can ask to have your earned money transferred to your PayTM wallet.

You can browse for personal loans as well as access news, events, and games by downloading the Roz Dhan App on your Android device.

Ways to Make Money on RozDhan App

We’ve read about the many RozDhan app reviews features so far; now, allow me to explain how you can generate a substantial monthly income in the following section of this article. If you invest enough time in this application, you can make anywhere from Rs. 50 to Rs. 500 every day and I’ll advise you to spend some time doing the App’s various tasks to earn coins and turn them into Indian Rupees and do not forget that there are numerous ways for you to make money.

1.  Earn By Referring Friends

RozDhan has a Referral Income Program, much like many other Android applications. Each person you refer to their program will pay you a lifetime commission, you may locate your referral link to invite people to join after installing the application. Earn money by referring people via Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, SMS, and other platforms, additionally, if your friends tell their friends to download this app, you might win free PayTM Cash.

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2. By Check-In

By entering into the app each day as a Roz Dhan user, you can make a limitless amount of money.  Yes, even if you don’t read or use the App, you can still win real money by simply opening it every day, on days 5 and 5, users also had access to an additional bonus benefit. so what are you waiting for? Get the RozDhan App from the Google Play Store right away.

3. SHARE to Earn

RozDhan will compensate you for reading an article or story and for sharing it with your friends. Yes, this is the only application that rewards users for sharing material online, once you have attained the minimum, you can withdraw your money using the PayTM wallet.

4. Play Games

The RozDhan app was the game-changer, in contrast to many Android applications that charge you to play games and due to the variety of possibilities it offered, RozDhan was one of the top apps for making quick money. This software is one of them, rewarding users with PayTM Cash for playing games. It’s true that you can make money when you win a game.

5. Watch Videos and Share

The RozDhan app often posts new videos, and it also pays viewers for those videos they view. You can use your RozDhan account at any moment to view videos, submit your own content, and share it with others, additionally, you can earn coins by sharing your recent images with the RozDhan community.

Accepted Categories:

  • Funny
  • Weird
  • Celebrities
  • Health
  • Fashion

You will earn RozDhan Coin for every activity you perform. Watching Videos can you earn you coins, and sharing them earn you more coins.

6. Attend Micro Quiz

This App’s most recent and newest feature allows users to learn while expanding their expertise, making money while learning is enjoyable, and this software has that feature in spades. Your PayTM Wallet will be automatically credited with Indian Rupees in addition to all the coins you earn from completing activities.

Steps You’ll Need To Take If You Want To Make Money On RozDhan App


  1. The very first step is to download the app from the Google Play Store and install it on your Smartphone.
  2. During the installation process, the app will ask you to choose the language. Go ahead!
  3. Now you have to feed your mobile number and allow all permissions. They will send you an OTP and it must verify your number.
  4. If you are having any referral code, then you can add the code so that you will Rs.25 Sign Up Bonus + Rs.25 Invitation Bonus Instantly.
  5. You will also get 1250 Coins Sign Up Bonus.
  6. Now you have to complete your profile to earn some additional coins by uploading your Pic, DOB, and Other information.
  7. Now, find the “Earn Money” icon and check-in daily coins to earn extra coins daily.
  8. Also, you can find articles to read, along with sharing them to earn coins. Earn by sharing videos, and uploading videos, and with each view, you will get coins.
  9. Your daily earned coins will automatically be converted into Indian Rupee and paid to your wallet.
  10. Convert 1250 Coins into Rs.25 Indian Rupee. Share your referral link to earn more from this app.
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How to Get Paid on RozDhan

Let’s look at how to get paid now that we have seen the various possibilities to earn from the RozDhan program. Everybody works in some capacity to generate income, and the same logic also holds in this situation, for each daily task you do in this app, you will receive coins.

  • You will receive 25 Indian Rupees for every 1250 coins. Every midnight, the coins you earn will be changed to Indian Rupees.
  • You can request your payout to your PayTM Wallet once you have a minimum of Rs. 200 in your account.

Yes, they transfer your requested amount to your PayTM Digital Wallet within 72 hours.

Important Terms to Consider

Every user of this RozDhan is expected to abide by the terms of service. So, if you want to utilize this program perfectly, I advise you to abide by the regulations.

  1. You can withdraw your earned money from Roz Dhan only if you have reached Rs.200 from your app.
  2. Also, the maximum allowable withdrawal limit is 5 and each payment is processed within 72 hours of your request.
  3. TDS will be deducted on every transaction at 10% provided by your Pan Card.
  4. The coins will be automatically converted into Indian Rupees every mid-night


I’m hoping that people will find my RozDhan App Review to be a valuable resource and use the information to start earning money online, you can also share this article with your friends and they can find it helpful as well. Don’t forget to leave a comment below as it will be appreciated.

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