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Tekken 7 PPSSPP Download (Tekken 6 PPSSPP Mod) for Android

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I’m sure you’re looking for a direct download link for Tekken 7 PPSSPP, well if that’s the case. Then you’ve arrived at the perfect place to download PPSSPP Games on your Android device.

Tekken 7 isn’t official on PSP but you can play its modified version, with many similarities with Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 6 PPSSPP, Tekken 7 PSP ISO is a mod version of Tekken 6 PPSSPP and if you want to download this game, you can download it here on MyTechNg blog.

A direct download link will be provided for this game and one thing you need to know is that this game is compressed and it’s even listed in one of our articles on Best PPSSPP Games Under 200MB.

Tekken 7 PPSSPP ISO is a lite version so you wouldn’t have any issues of downloading this game on your Android device, it has quite a several features and there’s more to play for in this game. So let’s get started with this article.

About Tekken 7 PPSSPP Game

Tekken is a fighting game that has had different editions over the years, this game is available on different devices and one of the known devices that you can play Tekken games on are PSP, Windows PC and so on. The Tekken 7 PPSSPP isn’t really available on PSP and this game is just a replica of the Tekken 6 PSP Game.

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Tekken 7 PPSSPP

Tekken 7 PPSSPP has all the game modes and characters from the old Tekken games but what makes it different is the graphics, this game comes with improved graphics and plenty of other cool features, but know that the graphics of this game is the real deal in this game.

Tekken 7 PPSSPP Features On Android

Tekken 7 is a very nice game to play and it has numerous features you’ll love to see when you play the game on your Android device, some of the features of this game are listed below and while they might look familiar, you’ll still get to enjoy something quite different.

Different Game Modes

One of the reasons why the demand for Tekken 7 PSP ISO is high is because this game has over 9 different game modes you can play when you download the game on your Android device, you can play different game modes like Fight Lab, Tekken Tunes, Arcade Battle, Ghost Battle, VS Battle, Team Battle, Time Attack and Survival.

Quality 3D Graphics

Being a mod version of Tekken 6 PPSSPP Mod, this new version has 3D graphics and so far you’ll think you’re playing this game on a PS3 or PS2 console thanks to its graphics. The game has 4K resolution and if your Android device has a strong GPU, then you’re very good to go.

New Fighting Techniques

Tekken is known to be a kick and punch game and that makes it a complete martial art game on PSP, you might be quite familiar with the fighting styles in this game, but one thing you should keep in mind is that new fighting techniques and styles have been introduced and there are more ways you can unleash brutal attacks on your opponents in the Tekken 7 PPSSPP game on your Android device.

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Tekken 7 PPSSPP Download Links for Android

The download links below contain the required file and app you’ll need to have on your android device, an installation guide has been provided as well, so make sure you follow the steps below and also download files needed for Tekken PSP ISO to run on your Android device.

[su_button url=”https://www.mediafire.com/file/n4os9pxjs9bgk2t/Tekken7+Saga++Mod+-+Season+5.7z/file” target=”blank” style=”soft” background=”#F45511″ center=”yes” radius=”round” icon=”icon: arrow-circle-down” rel=”nofollow”]Download Tekken 7 ISO[/su_button]

[su_button url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.ppsspp.ppsspp” target=”blank” style=”soft” background=”#F45511″ center=”yes” radius=”round” icon=”icon: arrow-circle-down” rel=”nofollow”]Download PPSSPP Apk[/su_button]

How To Install Tekken 7 PPSSPP ISO On Android

Follow the steps provided below if you want to know how to set up this game on your Android device, the steps are quite simple and very easy to understand. So let’s get started with the installation process.

Step 1. Download the Tekken PPSSPP ISO via the download link provided above. The file is protected with a password, you can use the password below to unlock the file for extraction.

Step 2. Open your file extractor, and use Zarchiver. for the password, use (technoplanners.net) make sure you type the password, and don’t copy and paste it because it won’t work on your Android file extractor.

Step 3. Once the file has been extracted, you’ll need to move the PSP folder to your Android device’s internal storage, then launch the PPSSPP emulator and you’ll see the Tekken 7 PSP ISO there, then launch the game and begin to play it on your device.


Tekken 7 isn’t really available for Android and we’ve stated clearly in the title that it’s a mod version of Tekken 6 and it has improved graphics. Don’t forget to leave a comment below in case the game doesn’t work on your device or you have issues with extracting the file.

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